Cyber security - one of the fastest growing sectors in IT

It is clear that cyber security is becoming an increasingly popular job sector in the IT world and even more so in the last year as there is now a greater demand for cyber security professionals in the UK than ever before. This has been proven as the number of cyber security jobs on has doubled over the last year.

There has been a significant rise in the number of permanent cyber security jobs over the last year, demonstrating an increased demand for qualified employees in this sector. As of October 2014, unoccupied jobs in cyber security have risen significantly by over 100% since the same point last year, positioning it as one of the UK’s most sought-after IT skills.

The value of cyber security skills is reflected in the average salary for jobs – there has been a 10% rise year on year for cyber security professionals to an average UK salary of £57,000.  This rises in London to an average salary of £65,000. The average contractors’ day rate for a cyber security professional is £480. As demand increases for cyber security skills then the growth of contracts will continue. Demand will also be greater for those with security cleared or DV clearance.

However, due to this increase in demand, there is now a huge lack of qualified professionals in the cyber security sector. The demand for cyber security will continue to grow in the UK especially as hacking scandals and cyber-attacks continue to hit the news including the recent Sony Pictures Cyber Attack which occurred at the end of 2014.  

Government demand for security specialists is also growing and at its highest levels as it continues to monitor national UK and international threats.  It is now more important than ever for schools, universities and businesses to develop a pipeline of talent capable of filling these vacant cyber security roles over the coming years.

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